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Constipation and bloated

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Aging is a critical factor that negatively impacts the digestive system. As we age, we become acutely aware of the limitations now placed on our diets. Foods that were part of our carefree eating styles in younger years have become the culprits in our declining years. The variety of products marketed for digestive problems is astounding. Looking for relief, consumers purchase a myriad of remedies and yet continue to suffer. The natural supplements mentioned within this protocol may prove to be a new potent and cost-effective treatment in helping halt the digestive disease epidemic. Here are some natural approaches to treating digestive disorders and improving overall health: Digestive Enzyme Supplements Choosing the right enzyme supplement can be difficult. Enzymes are very delicate and if not properly manufactured, they can easily lose their potency. Commercial enzyme supplements are often neutralized by varying pH levels of stomach acids. A digestive enzyme supplement should be broad-spectrum so that it can facilitate the digestion of protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, and milk lactose. The use of acid-protected enzyme formulas can enhance efficacy. One such formula that obtains its enzymes from fungus (but has no fungal residue) is called Super Digestive Enzyme Caps. This product is formulated to be effective in a broad spectrum of stomach acid pH conditions. Each capsule of Super Digestive Enzyme Caps contains a pancreatin and fungal enzyme concentrate that provides the following digestive activity Pancreatin 200 mg Amylase (carbohydrate enzyme) Protease (protein enzyme) Lipase (fat enzyme) Protease II (6000 USP per milligram) Protease III (1000 FCC per gram) Amylase (25,000 FCC per gram) Lactase (5000 FCC per gram) Cellulase (4000 FCC per gram) Lipase (5000 FCC per gram) Whole fruit papaya powder Two to four dosages of an enzyme supplement with the above potencies should be taken before or during meals. Digestive enzymes are quite reasonably priced compared to other supplements. Bile Acid-Stimulating Agents While digestive enzymes facilitate the breakdown of food in the stomach, the impact of bile acids secreted from the liver into the small intestine may be even more important. A healthy liver makes about a quart of bile acid a day, and this bile should freely flow into the small intestine to digest fat and protein. European doctors believe that inadequate bile acid flow is a major cause of most digestive disorders.

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