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Colon Hydrotherapy
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Colon Hydrotherapy and it's uses:

What is colonic hydrotherapy?

Colonic Hydrotherapy or Colonic Irrigation is a way of cleansing the colon. Colonic irrigation gently removes waste from the colon in a safe and pain-free manner, by gently flushing the large intestine.
With all new clients, the colonic hydrotherapist will take a case study, and explain how the procedure will be conducted. The therapist will provide a gown for the client to wear during the procedure. Treatment is administered while the client lies on a specially designed treatment table. Warm purified water is introduced into the colon via the rectum using a speculum. The water is not retained as with an enema, but allowed to drain away with any faecal matter through a second port in the speculum. The colonic therapy will normally take between 30-45 minutes and advice will be given on the number of sessions that might be required as each person has different requirements.

Why use colonic hydrotherapy?

Stress, poor diet and our modern lifestyle can all have an effect on the colon. The use of Colonic Hydrotherapy helps to:

  • Maintain good elimination
  • Restore and strengthen peristalsis
  • Re-shape and tone the colon
  • Promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria.
  • No special measures are required prior to a colonic and return to work/normal activities can resume following treatment.

Who can benefit from colonic irrigation?

  • People wishing achieve optimum health via cleansing and detox
  • People living sedentary lifestyles
  • People who eat out regularly
  • People following a poor daily diet
  • Those committed to maintaining good health
  • Regular air-flight travellers
  • Virtually anyone living and coping in our modern Western society

Some conditions that may be helped

Most debilitating health conditions may benefit from the detoxifying effects of colon hydrotherapy because cleansing the colon can help all systems in the body to function to their optimum potential.


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